Designing to Achieve Health Justice for All Adolescents

Melissa Gilliam

Melissa Gilliam M.D. MPH
Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pediatrics

An expert in pediatric and adolescent gynecology, Dr. Melissa Gilliam helps children, teens and women age 25 and younger who have complex gynecologic problems or need routine care. Dr. Gilliam specializes in managing common problems such as bleeding, painful periods, breasts cysts and abnormal pap smears and complex problems requiring pelvic surgery. She has expertise in providing preventive care and providing contraception to adolescents with other medical problems. Dr. ... View full profile

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Dr. Melissa Gilliam, professor of obstetrics & gynecology and pediatrics, presents an overview of Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory of human development, reproductive justice and new approaches to adolescent health.  Dr. Gilliam also describes how she uses games and story telling to reach and educate adolescents.

New approaches to adolescent health
Using games to educate young people
Design Thinking Lab: Engaging young people in redesigning services